Eye Health in Timor Leste

Eye Health in Timor Leste   Over 33,000 Timorese people (or 2.8% of the population) have a visual impairment, according to figures from the 2010 Timor-Leste National census. The most common eye problems in Timor-Leste are preventable or treatable. Common causes of...

A letter from President Obama (eng/pt/es)

His Excellency Dr. José Ramos-Horta Dili, Timor-Leste February 23, 2015 Dear Dr. Ramos-Horta: Thank you for sharing your views on the issue of torture. I deeply value the insights you and your fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureates provided in your letter, some of which...

My analysis on the Greek crisis (Spanish version)

Dili, Timor Oriental, 17 jul 2015 – Los líderes europeos, enfrentados a la catástrofe política, social, económica y financiera de Grecia, que durante décadas ha sido de la exclusiva responsabilidad de los gobiernos conservadores y socialistas, decidieron castigar y...


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