Dili, 10 Feb. 2012. President Dr. José Ramos-Horta said that the state will not forget the veterans, widows, and the orphans of the war heroes, and will look after them. He made these comments at the opening ceremony of the first FALINTIL’s widows and orphans congress that was held at the former FALINTIL’s Headquarter in Taibesi Dili, on Thursday.

Speaking to the orphans and widows from the 13 districts, the President said “ Even though the country gained its independence only ten years back, it have been able to start with the process of recognizing its veterans, wars victims, widows, and the orphans. Some countries who have gained their independence 20 years back still have not been able to implement policies of such nature. Therefore, I really admire what our state has achieved”.

The President acknowledged that, even in its process there are some failures, challenges and dissatisfactions, but it is considered normal as it could have happened in any country.  The President appealed to the widows and orphans of the war heroes to study hard and send their children to schools so they might be able to participate in the process of nation building.

Fretilin’s founder, Dr. Mari Alkatiri, former Major General of F-FDTL Taur Matan Ruak, and the current commander of F-FDTL, Lere Anan Timur, were present in the congress. The congress will be held until the 11th of February 2012.