Dili, 15 Feb. 2012: President of Republic Dr. José Ramos-Horta addressed the local community in Bahalara-wai’n village, of Viqueque district, as part of his initiative called “Road to peace and national unity”, on Tuesday.

“Democracy will win and peace will maintained in the country, if all candidates and parties would accept the result of this upcoming Presidential and Parliamentarian election. It will have positive impact on development process in the country to improve the lives of people”, said Ramos-Horta.

Encouraging the community to vote without fear and pressure from anyone, the President said, that as a current Head of State, in the last few months of his current mandate, he will continue his effort to find ways to strengthen peace and national unity, by talking to the all political parties so they can collaborate to maintain peace during the election.

The local authorities presented a report to the Head of the state, which indicated that the security situation in the last couple of years in the district had considerably improved.   This is the result of good collaboration between the local authorities and the community. In response to this positive report, the President said that he expected the security would be maintained as it is, especially during the upcoming election.

Viqueque is located in south east of Timor Island. It is approximately 183 km away from Dili Capital. According to the 2010 national census, Viqueque is inhabited by 22.000 population that spread out in five sub districts, namely Ossu, Uatulari, Uatucarbau, Viqueque Villa, and Lacluta.