Ramos-Horta joins Honorary Council at Harvard Law School


The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School recently welcomed Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former president of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste José Manuel Ramos-Horta to the IGLP Honorary Council.

As a member of the honorary council, Ramos-Horta will advise the IGLP, strengthen its ability to mentor young scholars, and join in discussions with doctoral and graduate students working in the fields of economic development, social justice and global political economy.

Said HLS Professor and IGLP Faculty Director David Kennedy: “Ramos-Horta’s appointment is representative of the Institute’s strong commitment to engage leading public officials and policy practitioners thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy in new ways. His expertise in the areas of diplomacy, democracy, human rights, mediation, and peace initiatives will enhance the institute’s research into the ways in which injustice can be reproduced and what can be done in response.”

Read more about Ramos-Horta’s appointment on the Harvard Law School website.

7 thoughts on “Ramos-Horta joins Honorary Council at Harvard Law School

  1. jacob

    Congratulation Dr Ramos-Horta, I hope you can run all these successfully because you are very useful for the people of Timor – Leste. God bless you.

  2. Lekinawa Costa

    Congratulations Dr Ramos-Horta, what you hope to accomplish today, it could make a success for tomorrow because you are really very important for the people of Timor Leste … Congratulations.

  3. Hermenegildo Da Cruz

    Congratulations Dr Ramos Horta, you being elected to be a member of IGLP is an honour and global prestige that many may not have obtained. I’m as fellow young country very proud of you.

  4. Francisco

    Maun Boot,
    You have once again put Timor-Leste on the world map, despite it being small and is almost invisible on map, it has people with internationally recognised calibre, so proud!


  5. juvita pereira faria

    Parabens maun,

    ema hotu sempre kontente ho maun nia servisu diak sira, liu liu joven timor sente orgulhu ho ita nia matenek hodi lorin nasaun doben Timor Leste ba mundu. hw hanesan estudante Timor oan hau kontente ho maun.

  6. Laloron Tasi Mane

    We are proud of you moun boot, we will always pray for your every single sucees in your job as mind maper, road maper and peace maper around the globe and for Gunea B. we all wishing you all the best .. . a luta continua ba pas no estabilidade iha rai laran no rai liur. as a Timorese peace builder and peace maker you have been called for it . Thanks God for giving us ” a Timorese stron peace builder”


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