Smell it? TTN coffee is roasting now.


The Terrace Timor Network range of Justice Products Cards and Coffee, directly impacts the lives of people in the villages of Railaco Sub District of Ermera. These programs employ over 60 women full time and impact 900 coffee growers.

If you love coffee, why not try the organic single origin premium coffee offered by TTN? A new batch is being roasted and packed fresh this week by a Terrace family owned coffee business. Along with TTN volunteers, they donate their time and efforts to producing this quality product. All profits go direct through TTN to the people in our villages in Timor.

The delightfully smooth rich coffee flavour, and lingering pleasant finish of the premium Maubisse beans in JUST coffee is loved by coffee aficionados around Australia and the world. Please click here to order using our new on-line store and bring this wonderful coffee to your home or workplace.

By enjoying JUST coffee – which costs the same or less than similar premium brands – you are changing lives. Your purchase will enable farmers to prune their coffee trees, resulting in a fourfold increase in yield and income for their families. Make every cup you drink count and order today!

2 thoughts on “Smell it? TTN coffee is roasting now.

  1. Katie McFadden

    Also, ongoing research in Sumatra is showing coffee trees is a great alternative to slash and burn agriculture.
    Is it possible to receive contact information of a NGO or local group in Timor-Leste who are involved in improving the nutrition of the young children there? We have students interested in focusing there research project on a possible solution. Is there contact information for Mr. Ramos-Horta?
    I heard Mr. Ramos-HOrta speak to students while he was visiting Singapore last February and he was very inspirational.


  2. Rhonda Palmer

    This coffee is truly delicious! Just as described on the packaging and with no taste of bitterness – I can drink it black as they do in TL and no real need for sugar. Love seeing the sights and name of TL when I open the pack – makes me happy in the morning :) Also love the TL bro bands TTN sell – little mini home woven wrist bands (many from Los Palos) in beautiful vibrant tais-like colours – perfect little gifts from TL to show solidarity with the land and people there. clever,brilliant idea to raise awareness in Oz and self-sufficent income In Timor-Leste. Thank you for telling us about TTN!


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