Terrace Timor Network


Terrace Timor Network (TTN) announced remarkable results from their 2013 Christmas campaign, selling cards and coffee gift packs, with all proceeds going directly back to villages in five districts in Timor-Leste, where the average income is $20-50 per month.

Through their webstore, they received 181 orders totally $24,878, for over 5000 cards and 200 kg of coffee. The card program employs 65 women year round, and proceeds from coffee sales impact 1,000 families.

They are taking orders now for the 2014 coffee roast for their “Just Coffee” program. Click here for more information and to order coffee.

TTN also has a building project if you would be interested in volunteering in Timor. Click here for more information. And visit TTN’s Facebook page for ongoing updates.




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