Timor-Leste’s new ad campaign


Jonathan Holburt, an advertising executive and novelist and his daughter Sara are taking it to the next level by trying to give something back after visiting Timor Leste. Their aim is to generate more tourism for the country with an advertising campaign with the tagline “Being first has its rewards”.

Read about it here.

6 thoughts on “Timor-Leste’s new ad campaign

  1. Celeste

    This year will be our 5th visit to Timor-Leste. My two children and I are in love with the beautiful little nation. We have made many life long friends. In comparison to Bali, Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia, Timor- Leste offers amazing experiences and sight-seeing opportunities without the ‘hustle and bustle’ and the ‘commercial price tag’. We feel privileged to be called one of the countries regular tourists. :-)

  2. Mark Warne-Smith

    I sat in a cafe called ‘Little Collins Street’ on Lexington Ave NY, NY, the other day and was more that a little surprised to hear a woman who sounded for all the world like Fran Drescher talking about how she’d been scuba diving in Timor five years ago. And she had nothing to do with the international development / humanitarian community.

  3. Ruth

    The first time I visited Timor-Leste was in 2004. I was probably the only tourist, and really enjoyed knowing that (as opposed to being a tourist in places like Kuta in Bali and Phuket in Thailand). I returned in 2005 to work in Dili, and have been returning ever since. At the moment one of my best friends and her partner are visiting, and they love being tourists here. Through there eyes I’m re-experiencing that feeling of wonder, especially regarding the varieties in landscape and the friendliness of the people.
    This country really touches your soul.

  4. maureen percy

    I have always wanted to go to Timor but I need to know is there disAbility acess as my Mercy and Cobden Medical team
    will not let me go as I am in a Wheelchair.

  5. Rhonda Palmer

    I also visited Timor-Leste as a tourist on 2012 during and just after the Parliamentary elections. With a little common-sense just as at home, I felt completely safe and welcome and intrigued – sometimes the land was so reminiscent of Oz and sometimes so amazingly differenr. Above all I learnt not to believe all the media articles on TL – discover it 4 yourself.. be open-hearted and generous (laran-luak – yes try to learn a little language!)and the land and its people will respond in kind. It is an unforgettable and beautiful place.


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