Statement of SRSG Ramos-Horta on the elections in Guinea-Bissau


Bissau-UNIOGBIS, 14 April-2014 – After two difficult years, the people of Guinea-Bissau have exercised their sovereign right to elect a new National Assembly, from which a new Government will be formed and a new President of the Republic elected.

The elections that we have just witnessed, on 13 April 2014, have the potential of being imprinted in the history of the country as the turning point from the painful and chronic political instability that has plagued the country since its independence, to a period of peace, stability and development.

By turning out in unprecedented large numbers, in a peaceful and orderly fashion, the people of Guinea-Bissau have shown their unequivocal desire for the return to constitutional order in their country.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) José Ramos-Horta and his team followed minute by minute the polling and noted that no major incidents or irregularities jeopardizing the poll were reported. Our collective concerns over the security of the polls were also met by no reports of security incidents in the voting process.

The SRSG congratulates the people of Guinea-Bissau, national authorities, including national security forces and the ECOMIB; he commends and thanks the high caliber observers for the successful conclusion of this electoral cycle.

With this incident-free voting process, the people of Guinea-Bissau have challenged the political class to heed their call for national unity, reconciliation, justice and political normalization of the country.

SRSG Ramos-Horta calls upon all candidates, political parties and supporters to respect the will of the people as reflected in the final results to be announced by the competent authorities.

Should there be grievances he encourages all the parties to follow existing legal procedures to resolve electoral disputes.

As stated by the Secretary-General, the United Nations will continue to support the people and government of Guinea-Bissau as they work towards greater political stability, rule of law, state-building and socio-economic development.
The SRSG commends and thanks all multilateral, regional, and bi-lateral partners for their generous and timely financial and technical contribution to the electoral process in Guinea-Bissau.

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