Academic Background

2011 – Doctor Honoris Causa of Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

2010 – Member of the Sciences Academy – Lisbon, Portugal

2010 – Doctor Honoris Causa in Humane Letters, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

2010 – Doctor in Political Sciences, University Cambodiana (UC), Phnom Penh

2010 – Doctor of Law, University College, Dublin, Ireland

2009 – Doctor of Law, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

2009 – Doctor of Humanities, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

2009 – Doctor of Humanities, University of Ateneo, Davao, Mindanao, Philippines

2008 – Doctor of Law, Royal Roads University, Canada

2008 – Doctor of Law, Ramkham University, Bangkok, Thailand

2005 – Doctor of Law, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan

2004 – Doctor of Law, Rockhurst University, Kansas, Missouri, US

2001 – Doctor of Law, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

2000 – Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Nevada, Reno, US

2000 – Doctor of Law, University of Porto, Portugal

2000 – Doctor of Law, Rutgers University, New Jersey, US

1998 – Doctor of Law, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

1997 – Doctor of Law, Antioch University, US

1996 – Doctor of Law, Pontifica Universidade Católica, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Academic Career

 2009 – Doctor of Philosophy/Political Sciences, Pusan University of Foreign Studies, R.O.K

2006 – Diploma, Geneva School of Diplomacy & Int. Relations, University Institute, Switzerland

1998 – Diploma, Executive Program for Leaders in Development, Harvard University, US

1987 – Senior Fellow in International Relations, St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, U.K

1984 – Master of Arts in Peace Studies, Antioch University, US

1983 – Public International Law, the Hague Academy of International Law, Netherlands.

1983 – International Human Rights Law – Int. Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France.

1983 – Post-graduate courses in American Foreign Policy at Columbia University, US.

1973 – Diploma in Advanced Studies in Public Relations, International Centre for Marketing, Timor.

1964-69 – Senior High School, Timor.

1957-64 – Elementary School – Catholic Mission, Soibada, Manatuto, Timor.

Books and other Writings

1994 TIMOR LESTE: Tomorrow in Díli – Dom Quixote, Lisbon – Preface: Noam Chomsky; texts: Xanana Gusmão. Translations: French, German, Norwegian. 1992Manual for Human Rights Defenders – Diplomacy Training Program (DTP), contributions about the UN system, self-determination, lobbies and negotiations, New South Wales University, Australia.

1987FUNU: The Unfinished Saga of East Timor, Red Sea Press, Trenton, NJ, NY, US. 1984East Timor: A Case Study in International Law, Master’s thesis, Univ.Antioch, E.U.A.

Chrildren’s Books

 2009The Lost World of Timor-Leste – A Boy and a Crocodile Travel Trough Time to Discover the Long History of Timor. Authors: José Ramos-Horta and Patricia Vickers-Rich; Artist: Peter Trusler; Designer: Draga Gelt. ISBN: 978-0-9803364-8-1.

2009Borboleta Sira-nia Nanal – A Língua das Borboletas. Author: Manuel Rivas; Preface: José Ramos-Horta; Artist: Miguelanxo Prado; Tétum translation: Benjamin de Araújo e Côrte-Real (Instituto Nacional de Linguística de Timor-Leste/INL); Portuguese translation: Isabel Ramalhete; Ambar, Porto (Portugal) / Aldine, Ferril (Spain) co-edition. ISBN 978-84-936916-2-2.

Opinion articles published in the International Herald Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, Guardian, Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Folha de São Paulo, etc.

Dr. Ramos-Horta speaks Portuguese, Tetum, English, French and Spanish; understands Italian.