Ramos-Horta Discusses Persecution of Lula on Radioi Brasil Atual, 2019

Oct 27, 2022 | Features, International Relations, Videos

Three years ago I was interviewed on Radio Brasil Atual about the trumped up charges against Lula, invented to keep him from reclaiming the Presidency. As I said then, I had never seen a leader leave office after two terms with an approval rating as high as Lula’s, approximately 80%. He was popular not only in his own country but internationally, where he was a highly respected figure, elevating the poor in his own country, and elevating Brazil on the international stage.

Today, with the charges against Lula having been dismissed as false, we are three days away from what could be a history-making runoff election, returning him to the leadership of Brazil.

Interview is in Portuguese, with English subtitles available.